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I've been applying to jobs for three months and received zero responses. After signing up with Intry, I got two job interviews in a week!

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I got a new job within just a few weeks of uploading my resume to Intry and going through the optimization process.

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Watch this video to learn how you can optimize your resume using Intry’s Job2Resume™ tool, Hybrid Resume™ builder and TrueYou Assessment™ to boost your job interview chances by 240%!

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Your resume isn't reaching employers.

AI Hybrid Resumes - increase your chances of getting more job interviews by 240%. Only Intry has the HYBRID ATS resume that will set you apart! Applicant tracking systems filter more than 75% of resumes. So Hiring Managers never see them! With Intry's Hybrid Resumes™, your resume will get past applicant tracking systems and in front of Hiring Managers.

Are you getting rejected again and again for jobs that seem to be a perfect fit for you?

Guess what? 79% of employers feel there aren’t enough skilled workers applying for jobs. Use Intry's Job2Resume™ to create custom resumes for each job you apply to by matching keywords from job descriptions.

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Do you find yourself looking for new jobs because you don't fit in with your current team, department, company?

89% of hiring failures actually happen because of a poor cultural fit. Take the TrueYou Assessment™ to find out what your work culture traits are and use your results to find the job that's just right for you.

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Unlock. Connect. Succeed.

Make connections between skills you didn’t even realize you had with our online resume help, employment assistance, and job seeker resources. Intry’s 360º Advantage guides you along the hiring process to get you to where you want to be. Assessments and gap analyses set you on the course to a meaningful career instead of a transient job just to pay the bills.

How It Works.


Let Intry do the work

With our employment assistance, job seeker resources, and resume help online, you can import or add information about yourself to create your TrueYou™ Profile.


Discover the TrueYou™

As simple as swiping left or right, unlock hidden skills and traits you probably didn’t add to your resume.


Job2Resume™ Creator

With our resume help online, you can easily copy and paste any job description, then Intry will match it to your profile to optimize resume.

Hybrid Resumes

Hybrid Resumes™

Download unlimited custom Hybrid Resumes™ that are proven to get you through to Hiring Managers.

Stop being invisible. Be relentless.

Thank you for my recent success in landing multiple interviews and a job. Intry helped me update my resume and list the skills that hiring managers want to see, and my resumes are still generating phone calls. Thank you again! - Greg R.

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