Meet the team building Intry

We found our tribe; it's time you did too


Find happiness in your career.

The Intry Team feels wholeheartedly that everyone deserves to be happy in their jobs just like we are. We love the fact that we are so different; a team made up of varying ages, locations, genders, ethnicities, traditions, and beliefs.

Meet our happy team

People behind Intry

Jennifer Sethre
Founder, CEO

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Jonathan O'Brien

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Mandy Schaniel
EVP Business Development & User Acquisition

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Meet our advisors

People we'd like to thank

Gordon Erickson

Sr. Vice President/ Merchandising at The Home Depot

Shari Piré

Chief Legal Officer, Cognate BioServices, Inc

Ane Ohm

Co-Founder and CEO at LeaseCrunch

Steve Ruedisili

Advisory Board | Senior Principal at JourneyLead Consulting

Marty Sampson

Advisory Board | CEO and Founder at 37Metrics

Dr. Andrew Ward

Advisory Board | Associate Dean, College of Business & Economics at Lehigh University