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TrueYou™ Assessment

A quick, easy, and accurate career personality assessment so you can learn where you fit, find your best job match, and define your own career path.

Job2Resume™ Creator

Simply copy and paste any job description, then we’ll match it to your profile and resume. Making a custom resume for each job you apply to.

Over 3 million Jobs

Search over 3 million job listings, create your hybrid resume, and find your match in the same place.

Digital Profile

Keep all of your information, skills, and experience organized in one place. No more searching for who sent what resume. We do it for you.

Intuitive Dashboard

Navigate between all the included features from a clean and organized personal dashboard.

Job2Resume Creator allows you to easily copy and paste any job description and Intry will automatically match the important details and keywords from the job description into your resume and profile. Giving you the ability to create a custom resume for each and every job you apply to.

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How does Intry work?

Just 4 simple steps to get you hired fast

Build Your Digital Profile

Create your very own Digital Profile by adding all your personal information and job experience manually, or upload an existing resume of yours. If you choose to upload an existing resume, Intry will automatically populate all your information into each field in your profile.

Take the TrueYouᵀᴹ Assessment

Take Intry’s TrueYouᵀᴹ career assessment to determine your strongest work characteristics. This several minute assessment is quick and easy, and there is no right or wrong answer. Simply click Yes or No for each question. Then review your results to use when searching for the job that’s best for your particular cultural traits.

TrueYou Assessment

Optimize With Job2Resumeᵀᴹ

Use Intry’s patented Job2Resumeᵀᴹ tool to match important keywords from any job description into your resume. Just copy and paste the job description, press process description and then optimize my resume. Intry will automatically populate suggested keywords from the description for you to add to each section in your resume accordingly. Matching your details to job descriptions to maximize your resumes chances of being selected in the hiring process.

TrueYou Assessment

Download Unlimited Hybrid Resumesᵀᴹ

Pick from multiple resume templates in Intry’s Hybrid Resumeᵀᴹ editor and customize each section to your liking. Then download unlimited customized Hybrid Resumesᵀᴹ proven to get passed applicant tracking systems and boost your chances of getting hired by 240%!

TrueYou Assessment
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TrueYou™ by Intry.

Introducing our new, TrueYou™ assessment and profile system. A powerful set of tools that helps you discover more of who you really are, helps you be seen, and creates a stunning resume and custom profile to present your true self.


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To give candidates a strategic edge in getting seen & hired, while giving the employers an opportunity to view the candidate.

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