How does Intry work?

Optimize your resume in just a few steps.

1. Build your Digital Profile.

Upload your existing resume or add all of your information manually. Keeping all of your contact information, work experience, education and skills organized in one place. Then use your Digital Profile to start creating resumes.

2. Take the Career Assessment.

Take the TrueYou™ Assessment to determine your strongest work characteristics and best work culture. This simple several minute quiz has no right or wrong answer, just select yes or no. Then use your results to prepare for job interviews.

3. Create the Best Resume for the Job.

Use Job2Resume™ to personalize your resume for each job you apply to. Just copy and paste a job description from any website, then Intry will automatically provide missing skills and keywords for you to add to your resume.

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4. Choose a Design and Download.

Pick from multiple professional resume templates and customize each section to your liking. Then download your favorite design and use your new resume to apply for jobs. While Intry's resume designs certainly look great, it's the hidden layers that get your resume past applicant tracking systems.

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5. Search over 3 million jobs.

Find job opportunities with Intry's employment services and access over 3 million job openings. Or use your resume to apply for jobs listed on any other job search website.

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Want to see Intry in action?

Watch the video below to see the full process from creating a digital profile to optimizing your resume for every job and downloading your favorite design.